Bubl Tech VR arriving in 3 weeks!

Labradoodle Puppy or VR Tech?

2016 will be an interesting year for us. I’m tremendously excited on at least two fronts and as you can guess from the title one cause is the imminent arrival of a long awaited labradoodle puppy! Jokingly I have an excitement scale on the puppy and the score is climbing steadily toward the upper 10/10 limit. So this is scientific!

PupsCute Labradoodle Puppies

This afternoon I took the plunge into the most happening of VR technologies and ordered a Bublcam. I am so excited by this technology and am completely sold on it! My order confirmation gives me an ETA of 3 weeks from the 15th December. Interestingly enough the due date on the Bublcam is the same as the date we welcome our new puppy into the home.

If I’m honest it is such a tight run thing on those scores. If I had to choose between the puppy or the Bublcam right now I really don’t know where I’d be on that……

Have a look at Bubl Technologies site.

And then come back here to this pic of the puppy.


Which would you choose?

Come back in around 3 weeks and I may be able to demo both of them in my first VR footage. The cam is coming from across the Atlantic so I do expect HM Customs delays and import charges so maybe give it a couple of months or so…. Hopefully the pup will still be a pup! I have made enquiries about becoming a UK reseller so you dont have to wait so long for yours! Watch this space!!

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