My Images

My Galley page will change regularly to reflect my current interests. There will inevitably be some infrared photography which I love with a passion. I recently invested in a pair of Canon 600D IR conversions. One has been modified to capture a fairly standard near visible IR wavelength of 720nms whilst the other sees a 630nms wavelength which will result in something closer to a 590 nms “goldie”

I do shoot in visible light and colour too using either a Canon 5D Mark II or a Canon 60D. My favourite lens is currently a 24mm tilt and shift which allows me to achieve better perspective control and selective focus. People often use these lenses for toy town effects which I love!

My images can be bought as files licenced for personal or commercial use, or as a signed prints & canvas ready to hang if you prefer. Full scale my images will print as BIG as you like let me know the approximate size you want it and I’ll get a price to you!